About the company

"Akpan" Limited Liability Partnership was founded in 1998. At that moment the following areas used to be the key ones: construction of civil and industrial buildings & facilities, building of drilling sites and access roads; cargo transportation and road transport services, manufacturing and assembling of metal structures, hotel business, recruiting services provided for foreign countries.

In 2002 LLP "Akpan" founded its affiliate enterprise "AkpanMunaiService" LLP, which used to specialize in oil and gas well drilling services, work over services, approbation and well testing.

In 2005 as a result of structural re-organizations "AkpanMunaiService" LLP and "Aktobegidrogeologiya" JSC became constituent parts of "Akpan" LLP.

"Aktobegidrogeologiya" JSC is the organization with rich business experience exceeding 50 years. The company specialized in hydro geological and geotechnical researches on the territory of the Aktobe oblast; in search and exploration of fresh, salty and mineral undersurface water. Within the years of its operation this organization has born more than 500 exploitation water wells in the Aktobe and Kzyl-Orda oblasts. The coverage of the Aktobe oblast with hydro geological photo survey (plot scale 1:200000) is quite big (85%).

Search and exploration of undersurface water for the supply with potable & technical water of Aktobe, Oktyabrsk, Temir, Khromtau, Shalkar and of more than 400 other economic centers, co-operative and collective farms has been carried out. "Aktobegidrogeologiya" JSC now is a part of "Akpan" LLP. Such leaders in oil production as "CNPC-Aktobemunaigas" JSC, "Kazakhoilaktobe" LLP, "Karatobe International Oil Company" LLP, "Kazakhturkmunai" LLP are among our customers.

Currently, "Akpan" LLP has 10 operational drilling crews. This affords an opportunity to effectively execute work on prospecting exploitation drilling of oil & gas wells, well work over and completion operations and raw water intake facilities development.

Today our company offers a wide range of services from exploration of oil and gas deposits, survey of groundwater supplies; construction of gas and oil pipelines to further field development, construction of oil treatment facilities, etc.

At the disposal of our company there is every sufficient means available for accomplishing objectives set in the areas related to services providing.