HR policy

Implementation of the personnel policy in 2012

The personnel policy of the Company identifies HR procedures integral for all departments of the Group of companies in the area of managing human resources and providing social support to employees.

The main objectives of the HR policy

  • Effective management, development and use of human capital assets in order to ensure timely and quality realization of all strategic goals and tasks set for the Group of companies.
  • Building of a competitive well-consolidated team focused on technical, technological and management leadership in the economy of Kazakhstan.

Main principles of the HR policy

  • The Company respects and values its employees, creates the best conditions for work, career development, self-improvement, as well as opportunities for their material and moral well-being.  
  • Employees make efforts for achievement of strategic goals of the Company and serve its interests.
  • The Company strives to establish long term labor relations with each employee.

Main goals of the HR policy in 2012:

  • Effective disposition of the staff
  • Filling vacant positions by means of using internal labour resources – at least 80% of vacancies 
  • Maximum possible use of human resources for filling vacant administrative and management positions – at least 90% of vacancies  
  • Ensuring the increase of work efficiency by 5% 
  • Staff turnover – at least 9%
  • Safety and labour protection training – 100% of employees of all categories
  • Training on new technologies – at least 20% of the main blue-collar occupations 
  • Providing external training according to directions connected with management improvement and an increase of business effectiveness, within the limit of allocated budget funds 
  • Official evaluation of managers, engineering-technical and production employees of the Group of companies – 100% of employees eligible for evaluation 
  • Ensuring consistent and timely salaries for the personnel 
  • Development and implementation of the transparent system of payment, which is based on the employees’ level of qualification, competency and work effectiveness
  •  Ensuring the system of social guarantees, provision of social services on the level not lower than that of the previous year
  • Compliance of the Company activities with all requirements concerning employees’ safety, labor protection and health
  • Ensuring feedback in relations of the Company with the staff: receptions on personal issues, work of mitigation committees, meetings of managers and employees
  • Participation in the "Senym - 2011" competition – for defining of the best employer of the region
  • Participation in workshops of the HR-managers Association
  • Ensuring of the high level of knowledge of the state language by employees. It is planned to develop and start implementation of the “Triunity’ of languages
  • Conducting organizational events, which enhance teamwork, fidelity, favourable and creative atmosphere among workforce
  • Survey and study of the best practices developed by the advanced companies in human resources management so as to implement positive results into realization of the HR policy

Main focus points of the HR policy in 2012:

  • Each Company employee – a university graduate or a skilled specialist  – is an educated person who deals with at least three directions of business – i.e. finance, management and marketing, who strives to achieve professional and career development and who got used to win.
  • Investments in training & development of the Company personnel must comply with the needs in achieving strategic goals. The Company aims at ensuring career prospects and development of employees who went through training and gained practical experience in lower production units. There exists and develops a system of accumulated knowledge and experience availability, a system of stimulation of employees in their maintaining of actual knowledge and its further turnover in case of rotation. The Company develops coaching, employees conduct training and share knowledge and skills with their colleagues.
  • Using modern objective and complex methods of employee assessment the Company encourages high level of salaries, promotion to key positions of those employees who show high work efficiency.
  • The Company strives not only to the improvement of individual work effectiveness but has also created the system of corporate responsibility for the total result of personnel activities.  
  • The Company aims at becoming the best organization thanks to the consolidated team of like-minded people who realize the general task– to become one of the leading Kazakhstan organizations in the oil and gas sector.
  • The Company tends to minimize the number of highly qualified personnel who are willing to leave it.
  • The Company has proactively looked for new talented, purposeful and dynamic people who are ready to develop, build careers, improve their professional expertise together with the Company, thus reaching high work results, material well being and realization of personal potential.