Top Drive System Canrig 4017АС is on sale

Herewith, “Akpan” LLP informs that in May 2012 the company purchased and delivered to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan two complete sets of the Top Drive System, manufactured by the Canrig Company (Canada, USA), model 4017АС, loading capacity 175 ton. All associated taxes were paid on delivering equipment to the country, VAT, customs duties, etc.

Currently, one of the Top Drive Systems has been in operation at one of the Company oilfields. Another one, in full manufacturer’s completeness has been located in the area of the “Akpan” LLP industrial base, in Aktobe, and is fully ready for the dispatch. The cost of one Top Drive System, as of today, amounts to $1 700 000 (one million seven hundred thousand) USD. This price includes the cost of the diesel generator, capacity 450 kWt. While purchasing the systems all commissioning works and personnel training conducted by an official service company were included by “Akpan”” LLP into the total contract price; if required, this type of service can be arranged for separate payment or a direct service agreement can be signed with the company “LB-Canrig”. .

In case of your interest, please, find attached the following contact information:

  • +7 (713) 2-40-28-59 /60/61
  • +7 (701) 523-23-95 - Tanatov Rais
  • E-mail: rais.tanatov@mail.ru