Company management

Azamat Baitleuovich Dushekenov - Chairman of the Board of directors of "Akpan" group of companies

Азамат Байтлеуович Душекенов

Was born in 1949, December 12. In 1972 graduated from Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, the faculty of geological prospecting. Worked as a geologist, a hydro geologist, head of surveying geological unit, chief engineer. In the timeframe from 1984 to 1993 headed the Aktobe hydro geological field unit. In 1994 was appointed a President of "Aktobegydrogeologiya" JSC, from 1998 to 2015 worked as the General Director of "Akpan" LLP.
A.B. Dushekenov was awarded with the following awards and degrees:

  • in 1976 was upon the RoK Golden books of Honor;
  • in 1985 was awarded with the medal "For deserves in subsoil exploration";
  • in 1989 was upon the "ZapKazGeologiya" PSU (Production state union)books of labor glory;
  • in 2004 was awarded with the "Outstanding Exploration Employee" badge of honor for personal contribution to geological subsoil investigations; was awarded with the "A man of year 2004 of the Aktobe oblast" title for his high production achievements and proactive social and charity activities.
  • in 2005 was awarded with the "Eren enbegi ushin" Medal (For outstanding labor achievements).
  • in 2008 was acknowledged a winner in "The best businessman of year 2006 in the area of services provision" nomination established by the RoK Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • in 2009 in 2009 by the decision of the Committee for geology and subsoil using of the RoK Ministry for Energy and Mineral resources and of the Presidium of geology, geodesics and cartography employees trade unions central committee was awarded "The Honored Sub soli Explorer" title.
  • in 2012 Was awarded with the “Kurmet” order and received the title of an Academician of the Mineral resources Academy (Moscow)

Dushekenov Adil Azamatovich - "Akpan" LLP General director

Was born on 1 of January, 1981. In 2001 graduated from Kazakh National University majoring in International Economics. In 2007 completed his studies at Texas A&M University. In the timeframe of 2007-2015 was the general director of KB Petroleum LLP along with chairing the Wrestling Federation of Aktobe region from year 2010 to present. As of 1 September 2015 was appointed the General director of Akpan LLP.

Rais Gabdrashitovich Tanarov - Deputy director

Was born on June 28, 1969. Graduated from the Saratov Polytechnical Institute with a degree of an engineer-mechanic. At different times worked in “Bassol” JSC and in “Caspy Neft TMB” JSC, likewise, worked in “Akpan” LLP as the industrial base manager. Since March 2012 to 2013 worked as a Chief engineer of “Akpan” LLP.

Boris Andreevich Bibanov - Technical director on drilling of hydro geological wells

Boris Andreevich Bibanov

Was born in 1945, January 4. In 1969 graduated as a mining engineer from Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. Worked as an industrial engineer in Tarbagatai exploratory expedition, was the head of the Tselinograd exploratory expedition. In 1978 was appointed a Vice-President of "AktobeGydrogeologiya" JSC, since 1998 - has been the first deputy General Director of Akpan" LLP.

Victor Vassilyevich Neduzhin - Chief Hydro-Geologist

Victor Vassilyevich Neduzhin

Was born in 1939, April 15. In 1973 graduated from G.V.Plekhanov Leningrad institute of mines awarded with the order of Lenin, with the order of October Revolution and the order of the Red Banner of Labour, majoring in "Hydrogeology and engineering geology", qualified in "Mining engineering and hydrogeology". An honorary employee of "AktobeGydrogeologiya"JSC. In the timeframe from 1975 to 2000 - a Vice-President of "AktobeGydrogeologiya" JSC. In 2000 was assigned to a position of a Chief Hydro-geologist of "Akpan" LLP. The following groundwater deposits were researched and defended by Nedyuzhin in the USSR State Reserves Committee (GKZ): Sarybulak groundwater deposit group for Aktobe water supply system; Kokzhide groundwater deposits for Aktobe and Guriyev regions; Central and Kusam sections of Tolagay groundwater deposit for Aral-Sarybulak group water pipeline system; in the RoK State Reserves Committee: for Alibekmola and Kozhasai sections of oil-producing fields; New Martouk groundwater deposit for Martouk village water supply were registered.

Alibek Kabeshevich Balgazin - Technical director, Drilling and Work-over operations department

Alibek Kabeshevich Balgazin

Was born in 1956, March 27. In 1976 graduated as a specialist of oil & gas wells drilling from Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. Worked as an assistant-driller, drilling foreman, head of deep drilling site in Kenkiyak oil & gas exploratory expedition, as a head of Aktobe and Shubarkul exploratory expeditions, as a Head of the PTO (industrial technical union) "Aktyubneftegasgeologiya", as a director of "Munai" JSC oil field. He also worked as a deputy production director in "Kokzhide" LLP and in "Lakor" LLP. In 2002 was appointed an Executive director of "AkpanMunaiService" LLP; since 2006- has been a Head of oil and gas drilling department in "Akpan" LLP.

Zhazykov Muratbek Shapenovich — Chief engineer, Drilling and Work-over operations department

Was born on 10.08.1969. In 1996 graduated from the Kazakh Polytechnical Institute named after V.I. Lenin, with the degree in geophysical methods of research and exploration. In 2003 graduated from the Kazakh National Technical University named after K. I. Satpayev, was trained in drilling of oil and gas wells. Was employed as an assistant driller. In the timeframe 2004 -2012 worked as the Head of the Drilling Department of the Technical Department in “The Great Wall” company. Since 2012 has worked as the Head of the Drilling Department in “Akpan” LLP.

Lyubov Vassiliyevna Nikitina - Head of Hydrogeology Operations Department

Lyubov Vassiliyevna Nikitina

Was born in 1948, on March 16. In 1969 graduated as a hydro geology technician from Semipalatinsk geology survey technical college. In 1973 graduated as a hydrogeology engineer from Tomsk Geology Survey Institute, faculty of hydrogeology. From 1969 had worked as a hydrogeology technician, a hydro geologist, then was appointed the head of the Central party of the Aktobe hydrogeology field expedition. Since 1998 has been in the head of hydrogeology operations department in "Akpan" LLP.

Alexandr Alexandrovich Sharafan - Head of the Capital Construction Management

Gulshat Maratovna Urazymbetova - Deputy General Director on Financial Issues.

Gulshat Maratovna Urazymbetova

Was born in 1070, July 13. In 1991 graduated as an economist from the National Economics University. Worked as an accountant, senior accountant and chief specialist in "Kaspiy Bank" JSC. Since 1998 -to date has worked as a Deputy General Director on financial issues of "Akpan" LLP.

Gulfairus Amanzholovna Demesinova - Senior Accountant

Gulfairus Amanzholovna Demesinova

Was born in 1969, July 12. In 2004 graduated as an economist from Almaty Economics and Statistics Academy. Was employed as an accountant, senior accountant in the College of Customs and Finance "Raushan". In 2002 was appointed a chief accountant in "Akpan" LLP.

Askar Bolatovich Zholdybayev - Deputy General Director on common issues

Аскар Булатович Жолдыбаев

Was born in 1970, July 7. In 1992 graduated from Polytechnic Institute named after Kuibyshev in Samara as a systems engineer. In 1992 worked as a deputy operations director in "Keramika" OJSC. In 1999 was appointed to the position of the Akim of Khromtau. In 2003 took a course of practical studies in Arizona, USA.

Since 2007 has been working as a Deputy General Director on common issues in "Akpan" LLP.

In 2001 was awarded with the "10 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" Medal.

Svetlana Nazhmetdinovna Baudiyarova — deputy General Director in charge of personnel and social issues

Баудиярова Светлана Нажметдиновна

Was born in 1963, March 11. In 1986 graduated from Almaty National Economics Institute. From 1998 till 2006 worked as a senior accountant. Since 2006 has worked in the capacity of a Director in LLP "Amsterdam hotel complex".

Derzhevitskaya Lidiya Anatol’yevna — Head of the HSE & Labor protection Department. Was born on 12.03.54. In 1975 graduated from the Karaganda Polytechnical Institute with the degree in geophysical methods of research and exploration of mineral resources.